Hackers Target Netflix Customers; Attempt to Steal Credit Card Information

Hackers are at it again. After infamously stealing personal information and credit card numbers from millions of Target customers last December, con artists are moving on to internet-related scams. Who was their most recent target? Hackers posed as tech support agents for the leading internet-based company Netflix, attempting to gain access to desktop PCs and … [Read more…]

Sweeping Services Help Both Public and Private Spaces Stay Green

Providing a clean, comfortable environment is a challenge for many local governments and municipalities who want to keep residents happy. For many, that means utilizing road sweeping services that get dirt, debris, and trash out of streets to promote cleaner, greener cities. Nowhere is that more evident than in Baltimore, where a more expansive street … [Read more…]

Don’t Put Your Life in Jeopardy While Working Construction Ensure You and Your Fellow Employees Have the Proper Training

A career in construction can be a perfect fit for many Americans looking for a well payed and stable career. However, there’s no doubting the dangers that are present while working in the field of construction. Construction related accidents are plentiful, and most occur due to improper construction safety training and faulty, substandard equipment. According … [Read more…]

Inadequate Pharmacy Technology and Training Kills

The accuracy and reliability of pharmacy point of sale software and live monitoring systems can mean the difference between life and death. And for one little girl, Emily Jerry — age 2 — it did. The toddler passed away shortly after her second birthday, following a series of critical pharmacy errors. Emily Jerry’s Tragic Story … [Read more…]

Five Trends Leading to More Productive Workplaces

Finding ways to increase productivity and efficiency is vital for all business owners and managers. While some are doing that by allowing employees to work from home more often, since it generally results in a 10-20% increase in productivity, many others are working with office furniture services to help make workers more comfortable and better … [Read more…]

Two Ways to Improve Your Website

Did you know that search engines rank websites based on the quality of their web design? However, nearly 80% of all businesses admit that they do not know how to improve their search engine rankings. Fortunately, professional web designers are available to help. Professional web designers know what it takes to improve the search engine … [Read more…]

How to Make Your Own Photo Greeting Cards

You do not need to have thousands of dollars in photography equipment or have the training of a photographer to make custom photo albums. With the right software, anyone have professional looking photo albums. It is easy for you to make your own photo greeting cards for any occasion. Fox Talbot invented the photographic negative … [Read more…]

Upgrading Your Human Resource Management Systems

Your human resource information systems, or HRIS, bridge the gap from HR management to IT. While the human resource software solutions can help influence more effective management of the human aspect in business, it takes more than payroll and benefits management to keep everything in tune. By assembling the components, you can effectively manage all … [Read more…]

What Do Water Cooling Towers Do and How Do They Work Exactly?

Do you run a chemical plant or oil refinery that could use cooling tower systems to help regulate temperatures? Perhaps you have an HVAC system that you need to cool a building effectively, If either is the case, it may help to know how cooling towers work. Water cooling towers can incorporate water evaporation to … [Read more…]

Reliable Pharmacy Point of Sale Systems Save Lives

Retail, outpatient, and hospital pharmacies underestimate the value of reliable software. Faulty pharmacy point of sale systems — or pharmacy POS systems — not only mess up medication and pill counts, they can also ultimately claim lives. The Tragic Story of Emily Jerry, Age 2 Doctors diagnosed Emily with cancer at one and a half … [Read more…]