How Start Ups are Changing the American Workforce

According to statistics, startup companies in the United States employ 1.5 million people each year. There has been a dramatic shift in the American workforce in recent years. Start-ups, once a rarity, are now becoming more and more common. This blog post will explore how start-ups are changing the American workforce. 1. Start-Ups Are More … [Read more…]

4 Critical Boxes To Check When Selecting A Staffing Agency

Job hunting can be a pain. Even putting your best foot forward can feel like a challenge after months of searching with no results. Luckily for you, there’s an easy solution in your corner – temporary agencies! Staffing companies work for employers and job hunters alike, matching the best company with the best employees. Wondering … [Read more…]

RIM Molding vs Injection Molding: What you need to know

RIM, Injection Molding, and Encapsulation? RIM stands for Reaction Injection Molding. Though it is a somewhat similar process to injection molding, there are some key differences in both technique and the finished product. Low-viscosity liquid polymers are used in RIM Molding. This ensures that lightweight and cost effective polymers are always used. Liquid isocyanate and … [Read more…]

What Dallas Staffing Agencies Can Do For You

Employment Staffing for Dallas, Texas Temp agencies, otherwise known as employment agencies or job placement agencies, provide staffing services to help underemployed people make ends meet through matching them with businesses who have need of employees. A recent statistic says that 57% of businesses view employee retention as a problem. Employment staffing agencies exist, in … [Read more…]

How Dissolvable Frac Plugs Are Cutting Well Cleanout Times Almost In Half


Anyone who works in the oil and gas industry is familiar with the infinite variability of drilling conditions. Even wells in extremely close proximity can present vastly different challenges due to the nonhomogeneity of geological formations. Fortunately, downhole products are improving all the time in order to maximize efficiency, reduce accidents, and decrease cost. The … [Read more…]

A Brief History of Funerals

Funeral and memorial services have been around as long as humans have. And with more than two million people dying every year in the U.S. alone, there have been countless funerals over the years. But where did funerals begin? And furthermore, how have funerals changed over time? Well, let’s delve into the history of funerals … [Read more…]

40 Storage Containers Need to Be Removed From Walmart Premisses By End Of Month

Approximately 97% of the world’s shipping containers are manufactured in China. There are millions of containers, however, that are just sitting around, not being used, across the globe.   Anyone can buy used shipping containers and utilize them in all many ways; they are great for shipping goods across the world, can be transformed into … [Read more…]