Broken Sewage Pipe Signs You Need Line Repair

Pipe repair cost

We use sewage systems to dispose of waste quickly and safely, and typically trust the sewage pipes to do their job without a second thought. However, there are a variety of different things that can cause issues with the pipe, which can lead to unpleasant results in your household. Here are a few signs that your sewage pipe may be damaged and needs repair or replacement.

Increased Water Bill

One of the most obvious signs of a crack or leak in your sewage pipe is a sudden increase in your monthly water bill. While water use can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, water bills won?t typically rise suddenly. Check around the house for any leaks that you can fix yourself, and see if that affects your water bill. If it doesn?t, you?ll likely have to contact a sewer repair contractor to inspect your pipe.

Lawn Troubles

A leakage of sewage water can cause a variety of different effects to your lawn. For example, increased moisture can soften the soil, causing it to warp. This can lead to uneven indentations in your yard, or even small puddles of murky, unclean water. Odd, unexplained concentrations of lush grass can also be an indication that you need pipe repair. To avoid tearing up your yard, sewer repair contractors can now use trenchless pipe repair, which utilizes a Perma liner epoxy liquid to reline your pipe, without having to dig it up.

Strong, Foul Odor<./strong>

If there is a foul odor coming from your basement, it may be a sign that your sewage system isn?t working properly. Typically, a strong foul odor indicates that the waste from your household has not reached the city sewage line. Instead, the waste is stuck near your home, likely due to severe clogging or intrusive tree roots.

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