Find the Best Used Storage Container

Containers shippingApproximately 90% of the world’s trade is shipping. The world’s largest importer is the United States . China is the second. On the flip side of that, China is the largest exporter of goods and the United States is the second largest. Twenty millions containers are currently traversing the globe at any given time. The need for steel shipping containers is huge. Companies who want to  ship goods may want to forgo the cost of new shipping containers and look for used storage containers for sale. This can be tricky business and care should be taken to get the right container.

Tips for Finding Used Storage Containers for Sale

  1. Decide what grade steel storage container is needed. These come in more than one grade. It all comes down to how it will be used. If the goods will be shipped internationally, the steel shipping containers need to meet certain criteria. Standard units are “wind and watertight” and generally work for standard storage. Grade “A” containers on the other hand, are of a better quality, they are newer and they look better. If appearance matters, this might be the best grade to look for when looking at used storage containers for sale.
  2. Find a reputable dealer in used storage containers for sale. With a reputable dealer you can make sure you have the best quality and know that the used containers for sale have been thoroughly inspected for any damage and if any had been found it would have been repaired by a qualified professional. You will also be able to trust the grade of the container. If they say it is “wind and watertight,” it is. They will be able to provide you with a guarantee that they can then honor should there be a problem with any container they sell. They can also get better value for your money. If you go to someone who offers cheaper used storage containers for sale, you may get a lower price but you may not get the quality and that may cause problems later that cost you more in the long run.
  3. Find out as much as you possibly can about where the containers have been. Between 2014 and 2017, experts have speculated that the container market will grow by at least 5.3%. This shows how much of a demand there is for containers. That also means that as the demand has grown, many used storage containers for sale on the market may have hidden structural damage. It is for this reason that you should find out as much as you can about the container’s history and how and where it was used by the previous owner. You should also look into how and where it was stored. This is another reason the dealer from whom you buy your containers have a stellar reputation. You are much less likely to get a container that has damage that has been covered over or cannot be seen when buy from a reputable dealer.

There are real economic benefits to looking for used storage containers for sale versus buying new containers but if you go that route, it is incredibly important to do the appropriate amount of research so that the containers you buy are of a good quality and have no damage. By spending some time doing research, you will save yourself money and stress later.