The Cannabis Consultant, Ezra Parzybok, Investigated on Drug Charges

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It’s common knowledge to most that Ezra Parzybrok, aka The Cannabis Consultant, runs a medical marijuana consulting business of the same name. It’s still unclear though precisely why Parzybrok is now being investigated on drug charges considering he lives and operates in the state of Massachusetts, which is one of the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana operations, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

According to the local news site,, police were seen removing various items from Parzybok’s Northampton home this past Wednesday. A spokesperson for the district attorney’s office could provide the news site with no other information regarding the case except that it was marijuana-related.

Parzybok has become one of the most outspoken and public advocates of medical cannabis and through his cannabis consulting firm has helped countless patients learn how to legally grow it, obtain the right permits for use, select specific strains, and provide general knowledge on the effects and benefits.

“It is my goal to help adults understand this age-old plant and to break cultural stereotypes by being as upfront, helpful, and open as possible,” reads a statement from his own website.

The stigma attached to medical marijuana has certainly lessened over recent years as 52% of Americans believe it should be legalized and 92% of patients claim it actually works. Apparently that isn’t stopping local law enforcement officials from cracking down on perceived criminal activity.

Assistant Northwestern District Attorney Steven E. Gagne has said State Police plan to file an application for criminal complaint in Northampton District Court against Parzybok, according to This after just last year Parzybok, Jeremy Bucci (another ADA), and other medical experts took part in a panel discussion on the subject. Bucci said at the time that cases would be judged on individual merits.

The end result for the Cannabis Consultant will be interesting as it could set a legal precedent one way or the other. Parzybok is expected to fight the charges.