Cooling Tower Market Expected to Grow over 4% by 2020 New Report Says

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Cooling towers may be a very specific industry, but it wouldn’t be quite right to call an industry worth over $2 billion “niche.” According to the market research firm MarketsandMarkets, the global outlook for cooling tower systems around the world will continue to steadily increase for at least the next four years. The research firm … [Read more…]

The Actual Processes Involved in Wet Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling towers serve a pretty straightforward purpose: to remove the excess heat produced in industrial machinery operations so that the systems can continue functioning smoothly without overheating. The concept behind the process of average cooling towers is pretty simple too: by using direct contact with water and air, evaporation naturally removes waste heat from … [Read more…]

The Way Cooling Towers Work Might Just Amaze You

Generally speaking, a cooling tower is a tall, cylindrical structure with an open top that cools water and condenses steam coming from industrial processes. By transferring the waste heat that comes from industrial processes into the atmosphere, cooling towers are able to regulate temperature more efficiently than traditional heat-exchange systems. But how does a cooling … [Read more…]