A Few of the Benefits Associated With Blister Packaging Designs

When you think about medication, you’re probably imagining two types of designs. One is the orange bottle that is often used for clinical storage purposes, and the other is blister packaging designs. Both are effective methods of packaging, but blister packaging services may just have the edge here. Here are a few of the many … [Read more…]

The Complex Process of Medication Sales

You have probably relied on over the country medications to diminish symptoms before. Most people run to the pharmacy when they experience the symptoms of a cold or when they get a headache. They can simply purchase a bottle of medication off the shelf that will quickly reduce these symptoms. However, a lot goes into … [Read more…]

Three Good Reasons Medical Packaging Companies Need to Make Their Products Tough to Open

Have you ever experienced wrap rage? That mind-erasingly furious state of frustration that comes after trying and failing to open blister packaging or bottle packaging? According to a survey from the Cox School of Business, about 80% of households have experienced anger, frustration, and even outright rage when dealing with packaging materials. With so many … [Read more…]