Hackers Swipe 3 Million Credit Card Numbers From Michaels’ Point of Sale Systems

In a large-scale hack rivaling Target’s infamous holiday season scandal, arts and crafts retailer, Michaels, admits to a security breach affecting at least 3 million consumers. Although the exact circumstances are still under investigation, experts believe that faulty point of sale systems — or POS systems — are the most likely culprit. Three Million Credit … [Read more…]

Hackers Target Netflix Customers; Attempt to Steal Credit Card Information

Hackers are at it again. After infamously stealing personal information and credit card numbers from millions of Target customers last December, con artists are moving on to internet-related scams. Who was their most recent target? Hackers posed as tech support agents for the leading internet-based company Netflix, attempting to gain access to desktop PCs and … [Read more…]

Inadequate Pharmacy Technology and Training Kills

The accuracy and reliability of pharmacy point of sale software and live monitoring systems can mean the difference between life and death. And for one little girl, Emily Jerry — age 2 — it did. The toddler passed away shortly after her second birthday, following a series of critical pharmacy errors. Emily Jerry’s Tragic Story … [Read more…]

Reliable Pharmacy Point of Sale Systems Save Lives

Retail, outpatient, and hospital pharmacies underestimate the value of reliable software. Faulty pharmacy point of sale systems — or pharmacy POS systems — not only mess up medication and pill counts, they can also ultimately claim lives. The Tragic Story of Emily Jerry, Age 2 Doctors diagnosed Emily with cancer at one and a half … [Read more…]

The Dangers of Outdated POS Systems

Is your pharmacy risking a Target-level security breach? Target’s recent scandal has many businesses wondering, could I be next? It is especially important for highly and/or federally regulated companies, such as outpatient and retail pharmacies, to take preventative action. With some precautions, however, companies can avoid a similar financial and legal nightmare. Here’s what pharmacies … [Read more…]