Hackers Target Netflix Customers; Attempt to Steal Credit Card Information

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Hackers are at it again. After infamously stealing personal information and credit card numbers from millions of Target customers last December, con artists are moving on to internet-related scams. Who was their most recent target? Hackers posed as tech support agents for the leading internet-based company Netflix, attempting to gain access to desktop PCs and steal credit card information. Protecting online accounts and point of sale systems or POS systems — whether in-house or over the web — is crucial for the success and future of your company.

Netflix Responds to Hackers’ Threats

A Netflix spokesperson told CBS the issue was likely resolved, and they believe that the fake tech support hackers are no longer operating. Netflix did not say how many customers were likely affected by the attempted hack. The con artists actions remind us about two important things. First, point of sale systems — containing customers’ personal and payment information need to be carefully monitored and secured, whether they are in a physical location or online. Second, there are other ways of obtaining customers’ credit card information. Companies can combat these workarounds by informing the general public of phishing scams and malware as soon as possible.

When Are POS Systems Most Critical?

Securing consumers’ personal information and payment information is always important, but it is especially vital to carefully track purchases using pharmacy point of sale systems. The best pharmacy POS systems encrypt and secure private information and credit card numbers, but — just as importantly — they also help confirm hand counts. Tracking pharmacy inventory ensures curbs theft while also ensuring accurate dispersion of medications and prescription drugs.

Don’t be the next one in the news. Carefully protect all online and in-house systems, especially if you are dealing with sensitive items, such as prescription drugs and medications. Remember, the best pharmacy POS systems help you track inventory, curb theft, and protect your customers — all at the same time.