Enhance Your Customers’ Perception of Your Business With Regular Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Businesses with well-maintained grounds have the potential to attract more customers. This is because many people believe that the inside of a store or other business establishment will be equally well-maintained. Since part of providing a positive customer experience is having a clean and attractive parking lot, sidewalk, and surrounding grounds, many businesses and shopping … [Read more…]

There’s Only One Reliable Way to Keep Parking Lots Clean Year Round

Inventor C.S. Bishop patented the world’s first ever street sweeping machine all the way back in 1849. Yet more than 150 years later far too many shopping centers and parking lots rely on nothing more than elbow grease to keep their property’s exterior clean and tidy. Still others rely on wind power. No, not the … [Read more…]

DC Street Sweeping Services Can Help You During Four Different Seasons

If you are tired of having a dirty looking parking lot, you can hire a DC street sweeping service to assess the damage and inform you what services they can offer you. Having professionals clean your parking lots or the streets surrounding your apartment complex will save you time as well as make your area … [Read more…]