Enhance Your Customers’ Perception of Your Business With Regular Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Businesses with well-maintained grounds have the potential to attract more customers. This is because many people believe that the inside of a store or other business establishment will be equally well-maintained. Since part of providing a positive customer experience is having a clean and attractive parking lot, sidewalk, and surrounding grounds, many businesses and shopping centers choose to hire street sweepers.

Basically, street sweeping services clean and maintain streets, sidewalk gutters, and parking lots. These types of services are quite common in urban areas because they experience high or heavy traffic. Since street sweeper trucks can vacuum and otherwise remove debris such as paper, plastic, and leaves, this helps to maintain curb gutters.

When debris collects in curb gutters, it has the capacity to block stormwater drains and facilities as well. Since this situation can potentially contribute to flooding during heavy rain storms, using road sweeping services can make a difference. When an effective program is in place, street sweeper trucks can remove several tons of debris over the course of a year. This also reduces the amount of pollutants that are present in the stormwater’s run-off.

There are a variety of conditions that lead to run-off pollution. This usually occurs when rain or melting snow is washed away from bridges, roads, rooftops, parking lots, and other non-porous surfaces such as sidewalks. This pollution contains a variety of substances from these and other sources:

  • Road salts and heavy metals from highwayways
  • Oil, grease, and other chemicals from vehicles
  • Nutrients and pesticides from gardening, landscaping, and turf management
  • Bacteria and viruses from failing or failed septic systems

It’s also important to note that a street sweeping service can remove microscopic pollutants that collect on city streets and in parking lots. The pollution present in parking lots alone costs a considerably amount every year in order to address health and environmental damages. This amounts to approximately $4 billion to $20 billion. Regular parking lot sweeping can make a positive impact in this regard.

Furthermore, studies have shown that air pollution adversely affects parking lot spaces. Recent figures indicate that the health and environmental damages caused in the United States due to this type of pollution amount to $6 billion to $23 billion on an annual basis. This is another reason why having regular parking lot sweeping is essential to reduce these health and environmental hazards.

Since you own and/or operate a business, you’re aware of the importance of creating an attractive and safe exterior for your clients and customers. When you schedule regular parking lot sweeping and street sweeping services, you are also making a positive contribution to the local environment. This will definitely make a difference in how your current and future customers perceive your business and their overall customer experience.