There’s Only One Reliable Way to Keep Parking Lots Clean Year Round

Maryland sweeping service

Inventor C.S. Bishop patented the world’s first ever street sweeping machine all the way back in 1849. Yet more than 150 years later far too many shopping centers and parking lots rely on nothing more than elbow grease to keep their property’s exterior clean and tidy. Still others rely on wind power. No, not the alternative energy. Rather, they rely on the wind to eventually blow away any debris, trash, or cigarette butts onto a neighboring property.
If you own or manage any kind of commercial property, then it’s absolutely essential that you maintain all the exterior areas as often as you can. You could go out once a week with a broom and dustbin, or you could instead hire affordable contract sweeping services to do the job right. Today, the overwhelming majority of street sweepers and parking lot vacuums are mounted on a truck. In fact, these mechanical, truck mounted sweepers make up an estimated 90% of all street sweeping machines.
While you’re more likely to see these power sweeping services engaged in road clean up, the mechanical broom/vacuum combo allows this equipment to do double duty as parking lot vacuums. For shopping centers, office buildings, strip malls, schools, and countless other types of commercial properties, parking lot sweeping services save valuable time.
But they also have another crucial effect. A dirty, trash-filled parking lot and sidewalk areas are likely to give visitors a very negative impression of the property. While it won’t drive away customers all at once, it will have a disastrous effect over the long run. In addition to parking lot and trash clean up, the best contract sweeping services also provide services like hand blowing walkways and sidewalks, curbs, dock areas, entrance ways, and everything else you need cleaned to keep your commercial property’s exteriors looking professional year round.
So while you can’t stop people from littering, dumping their cigarette butts, and leaving glass bottles on your property, you can ensure that a parking lot vacuum makes all that debris disappear on a regular basis. And because the best parking lot sweeping services conduct clean up after normal business hours, there won’t be a disruption to your employees or customers whatsoever.