Sweeping Services Help Both Public and Private Spaces Stay Green

Sweeper trucks

Providing a clean, comfortable environment is a challenge for many local governments and municipalities who want to keep residents happy. For many, that means utilizing road sweeping services that get dirt, debris, and trash out of streets to promote cleaner, greener cities. Nowhere is that more evident than in Baltimore, where a more expansive street sweeping services plan was put into effect on April 1.
“This is about making sure that we look for ways, innovative ways, to keep our waterways clean and our city streets clean,” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said. “And everything we can do toward that effort makes us better.”
The city has expanded sweeping services to more than 90% of streets. Interestingly enough, they have not purchased any new sweeper trucks or hired any new operators, despite the fact that the plan added more than 76,000 street miles to the service. Going forward, efficiency will be key to making the program work.
Of course, city streets aren’t the only spot where litter and dirt can accumulate, and businesses could suffer when their private parking lots fill up with junk. As a result, city municipalities aren’t the only ones who use road sweeping services. In fact, hiring contract sweeping services is an important task for many business owners, particularly those who own their land privately and don’t get any help from city-run sweepers and trucks.
The best thing about parking lot sweeping services is that they offer a number of different contract options and even pricing, allowing business owners to be flexible so that they can get the cleaning services they need without going over budget. While some might want a contract that calls for weekly sweeping, others might call every other month or so just to make sure that their parking lots look maintained, if not spotless. That flexibility, combined with maintaining a professional look, is a great help for business owners.
Over time, the dirt and stones that cars pick up and the garbage that their drivers don’t dispose of properly end up in not-so-neat piles along curbs. That can be an eyesore to people and, perhaps more importantly, harm the environment. So governments who want their cities to be greener and business owners who want to make a professional first impression alike should be sure to invest in sweeping services. Read more articles like this: www.quietsweep.com