On Your Marketing Team

Digital marketing teams are responsible for digital upkeep and promoting a company’s brand presence across the internet. It’s a complicated job, as consumers are now constantly connected (and expect their companies to be, as well), and media types and channels are proliferating at an exponential rate. A lot of companies not only have or hire … [Read more…]

Website Design Makes a Major Difference in Customer Perception

Are you undecided on your website design? While you may be planning to design and launch your own website, have you considered hiring a web design company to provide this service instead? A professional web design and development company can assist you with your website management needs. This includes providing necessary updates and other maintenance … [Read more…]

Grow Your Franchise While Still Keeping It Market Specific

While McDonald’s was not technically the first franchise operation, they are credited with popularizing a business model which has become huge success and been applied to a wide variety of business from restaurants to car dealerships. With the growth of the electronic marketing and 97 percent of franchises still in business after five years, franchise … [Read more…]