Website Design Makes a Major Difference in Customer Perception

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Are you undecided on your website design? While you may be planning to design and launch your own website, have you considered hiring a web design company to provide this service instead?

A professional web design and development company can assist you with your website management needs. This includes providing necessary updates and other maintenance requirements.

A website design company can also assist you with maintaining your brand recognition. One way this can be accomplished is through providing advice on content and content management.

Another essential marketing strategy is the use of social media. In 2015, for example, 78% of the companies polled stated that they had a dedicated social media team. Only 67% reported that they had a dedicated team in 2012, which demonstrates the growing awareness on the importance and effectiveness of this method of digital marketing.

When considering that the average customer will read or scan 11 consumer reviews when deciding to make a purchase, it’s important that the reviews for your company are in the top percentage.

If your website doesn’t load within the first three seconds, potential customers won’t bother to wait. Instead, they’ll most likely move on to the next website listed in those reviews.

When your website does load within three seconds, does it also have an easy-to-read design? Is your message clear? Are your website applications, including links and other interactive features, loading properly?

Your customer’s experience is vital to making and increasing sales. When customer experience decision makers were polled, 90% indicated that creating a positive experience was critical. Furthermore, 63% indicated that the importance of customer experience was rising in importance.

One of the many ways a customer’s experience can be enhanced is through increasing mobile access. Sales increased for 62% of the companies that had a mobile-friendly website design.

Website design contributes to a positive customer experience. Approximately 50% of individuals polled indicated that they believed a company’s credibility was linked to its website design.

If you’re curious as to what features are included in an effective website design, then you may be interested in a study of what Fortune 500 companies have on their websites:

    Content above the fold: 63%
    Scrolling content windows: 50%
    High-quality images: 63%
    Average loading time is 6.5 seconds

When considering the importance of building your brand, it’s clear that creating a positive customer experience is essential. While you may be providing quality products and/or services, your potential customers may not realize this unless they are able to maneuver through your site.