How Dissolvable Frac Plugs Are Cutting Well Cleanout Times Almost In Half

dissolvableAnyone who works in the oil and gas industry is familiar with the infinite variability of drilling conditions. Even wells in extremely close proximity can present vastly different challenges due to the nonhomogeneity of geological formations. Fortunately, downhole products are improving all the time in order to maximize efficiency, reduce accidents, and decrease cost. The industry experts at Innovex Downhole Solutions are at the forefront of these innovations, constantly pushing the envelope with a variety of tools and proprietary technologies utilized by onshore and offshore producers everywhere. One of their most notable cutting edge pieces of equipment is the Swage Dissolvable Frac Plug, suitable for a multitude of challenging environments.

Wells with low wellbore pressure and sand return are notoriously difficult to clean.
As noted in a 2010 article from the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, sand cleanouts using coiled tubing are immensely complicated and time-consuming projects to tackle. Some of the factors to bear in mind include:

  • Fluid properties
  • Low velocities
  • Wellbore geometry and deviation
  • Particle properties
  • Fill penetration rate
  • Wiper trip speed

Dissolvable frac plugs have the potential not only to reduce the time and risk for projects that require coiled tubing, but in some cases to eliminate the need for coiled tubing completely.

A number of features make this new piece of equipment extremely advanced, including:

  • Composition of 100% dissolvable metals
  • Includes standard industry wireline tools
  • Contains no external moving parts, removing any chance of pre-setting
  • Space-saving proprietary alloy technology means 75% less material needs to dissolve. While most frac plugs are typically 22 to 30 inches in length, the Swage Dissolvable Frac Plug is a mere eight inches long
  • Degrades predictably, dissolving in fewer than five days
  • Patented technology expands to the dimensions of the well, anchoring the device and creating a metal to metal seal
  • The resulting seal can withstand pressures up to 10,000 PSI between 120 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit

These features make the Swage Dissolvable Frac Plug ideal for sites that require temporary zonal isolation. Use this elegant solution to avoid drillouts, or to increase efficiency and reduce risk when drillouts are required. Incredibly, trials have found the plug capable of reducing cleanout times by up to 40% — 20 hours per well. Incorporate the frac plug into your site and maximize safety and efficiency.