Why is a Used Induction Furnace Good for Your Business?

If you are in the metal melting industry, you already know how much it will cost you to get a new induction forge in Canada. Although a very efficient system for those people who are turning metals into polished products, buying a new one is too costly and may not make sense to your business. You might be forced to consider a used induction furnace for sale.

Induction furnace manufacturers know that metal melting companies will always look for the used induction furnace for sale, which explains why you can get a used induction forge in a company. A used induction furnace for sale offers the following benefits.

1. Affordable Cost

When you purchase a used induction furnace for sale, you will be able to save more than fifty percent of your money. Most of the used induction systems are not in a higher demand, which means that there are no inflation tendencies when it comes to pricing. You will easily get a good system that will help you to melt metals at very favorable costs. Most of the startup companies that cannot afford to buy a new copper melting furnace buy used induction systems for melting.

2. High Quality Heating Systems

There is a perception that used inductotherm induction furnaces are of low quality. These sentiments cannot be proved as most of the used heating systems perform to the same levels and expectations of a new heating system. Some heating companies don’t dispose of heating equipment because they are of low quality but because they want a more efficient and modern melting furnace. You will only be trading a small efficiency for a higher quality heating system.

3. Readily Available

Used induction furnaces for sale are readily available in Canada. You don’t have to order one outside the country. A considerable number of melting companies have used melting furnaces available for sale. You will not struggle to get a used gold melting furnace out there in the industry. In the last few years, induction furnace manufacturing companies have been stocking used melting furnaces for considerations. A simple online search will direct you to thousands of induction furnaces for sale out there in the industry.

4. Minimal Depreciation

A used induction furnace for sale does not have any depreciation. It has already served in the first five years, which means that its depreciation rate is low. This means that you will be expecting almost no loss of value from your refurbished equipment. However, new steel melting induction furnace will significantly depreciate within the first few years of operations, which leads to a huge loss of value for money.

5. Higher Energy Efficiency

Melting metals consumes extremely high energy. Melting a simple piece of iron, which melts at 1370 degrees Celsius, consumes considerable amounts of energy that cannot be recovered with ease. Contrary to opinion, most of the induction furnaces for sale still maintain their high energy efficiencies. You don’t have to be worried about the increased use of energy. In circumstances where your used induction system is using much energy due to low efficiency, you can easily purchase replacement parts, which will be essential in ensuring that your induction system does not use much energy.

6. Environmental Friendly

Individuals might have a perception that a used induction furnace for sale is not environmentally friendly due to its inefficiency levels. However, when you choose to purchase a refurbished induction system, you play a critical role in keeping used items out of trash. Buying used and recycling is one of the most efficient methods of minimizing environmental degradation through waste. You also prevent the manufacture of new heating equipment, which helps in saving energy thereby reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

Studies show that more than 16% of the world’s steel is used in mechanical equipment and robotic manufacturing. With such high demand for steel, it is clear there is a business opportunity in metal melting sector. With a used induction furnace, you will be able to melt metal and have a profitable business.