Why Do Tool Holders Matter in CNC Machining?

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When it comes to CNC machining, owners of manufacturing companies and workshops everywhere know that the job that gets done is only as good as its tools. Because CNC machinery is incredibly complex, all of the moving parts in the machine need to work together seamlessly. If a machine doesn’t have the right parts in place, breakdowns and malfunctions can occur.

Purchasing the right tool holders for your machinery is crucial to working on any project, big or small. It’s also important to recognize the differences in these parts, from simple collets to HSK tool holders. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to these versatile yet necessary parts:

What are tool holders?

Simply put, tool holders ensure that the shaping and cutting tools being used in a machine stay in place. They also hold those tools in place to complete high speed and high velocity jobs. Machine tools can be sensitive to vibrations, for instance, so having the right tool holders is crucial for large-volume jobs that need to get done quickly and correctly.

How do tool holders work?

Tool holders come in various forms, and ultimately, they provide a space for the cutting tool to hold onto. Collets, for example, are a type of tool holder similar to a chuck on a drill, and they have two main formations: internal and external. Internal collets are placed into a tool to keep it in place, whereas external collets fit around the threading on a cutting tool.

What types of tool holders are there?

The type of tool holders your machinery would require depend on the machine you have and the job being performed. HSK tool holders, for example, are made for speed and accuracy; they are part of a system that can handle other devices that are microscopic in size. ER collets are another popular type of tool holder made for specific types of machinery.

Do you have more questions about CNC tool holders or other aspects of machining processes? Be sure to get in touch with a manufacturer who can supply you with plenty of options and all the right parts. You can also leave a comment below for more information or with general questions.