Why Are LED Signs a Good Choice for Communications and Advertising?

digital signs for schoolsFor schools, churches and businesses, communications and sharing the latest news with their communities can be important. Whether it’s to celebrate a sports victory, announce an upcoming event or share information about closings and bad weather, digital signs for schools and other establishments are easy to update and easy for passers by to read. LED signs are long lasting and weather resistant, making them a good investment that will last for years.

Digital signs attract attention
People do pay attention to signs, especially if the message displayed keeps changing. This is why outdoor LED displays are such an effective means of communication. Changing a sign can actually lead to higher revenues. Market researchers have found that replacing a business sign with one that is even a little bit larger can lead to an increase of 7.7% in revenues.

Even traditional billboards are impossible to ignore, and often very useful. As many as 71% of people say that they notice and pay attention to the signs they pass by. This includes both billboards and digital signs. A large number of people find that they actually end up visiting the stores, businesses and restaurants they see advertised on signs.

Sign help your customers to find you
Most customers actually live quite near the businesses they patronize. They may even drive past your store or business each day. But they will probably not discover your services and products unless there is a sign advertising them outside. Over one third or 35% of people say that they wouldn’t have found a business without the sign outside.

Even for a big store like Best Buy, as many as 17% of the customers found it only because of the sign. In terms of bringing in customers and increasing revenues, the value of onsite commercial business signs is the same as running two full page newspaper ads each month for one year. This makes them a highly cost effective method of advertising.

Changeable letter and led signs
Even if people just happen to be driving past, they pay attention to signs. Most people actually shop locally, which means that drive-by electronic signs are a good way to communicate with them. As many as 85% of the customers who patronize a business live or work within five miles of its location. Constantly changing digital signs are a good way to get their attention, with news about special events and offers.

A changing LED sign can also offer useful and important information. Digital signs for schools can help in recognizing student, teacher and school achievements. They can also be used to announce school functions, sporting events, and special occasions and to promote fundraisers and special events. Digital signs for schools can also be used to honor volunteers and sponsors.

Outdoor LED signs like digital signs for schools help businesses and other establishments to stay connected with their community. They’re also very sturdy and weather resistant, and users reports that they can survive cyclone damage. As a long term investment in communications and advertising, digital signs are a highly cost effective option.