What Portable Walls Can Be Used For

A building will have a series of walls inside, and adding or removing them is a mater of costly remodeling work. Fortunately, if a business needs some temporary walls instead, they can turn to partition wall or modular wall system rental companies, which may have many different models on hand. Such products may range from portable office walls to modular wall panels to temporary art walls, and these portable office walls don’t just have to be used in an actual office. If used just right, those portable office walls can be put to good use at a trade show, to help enhance a booth’s appeal to customers wandering the event. Such portable office walls, modular wall panels, and more can create a visually stunning booth to advertise a brand name at a trade show. Meanwhile, museums have also been known to rent and make good use of portable walls like these (or even own them).

Walls for a Trade Show

For those not familiar with them, a trade show is a large business event taking place at a rented venue, such as a convention center. There, many companies big and small will set up booths and other displays to attract attendees to their station and make a sales pitch. Every year, trade shows prove themselves as an efficient and profitable way for any company to show off its brand name and customer service, and at a crowded trade show, there’s plenty of potential customers and business clients to speak of. A high quality trade show booth will have not only a table and brochures, but also the staff who will speak to customers and guests. And of course, portable wall systems will be set up, and on these portable display walls, the booth staff can put up electronic screens, posters, banners, and other visuals that may include the brand name and basic information. Often, smaller booths may consist of a three-sided cubicle and a table where the staff will sit. Larger displays may have even more walls and a digital kiosk.

A company manager interested in taking part in a trade show will make preparations ahead of time. This involves not only appointing a sales rep team for the show and printing off posters and brochures, but also getting all the hardware ready. Anything that the company does not already own can be rented, such as a table and chairs for the sales rep team to use. Next up will be portable wall rentals, and this is best done in person at a rental company. In person, the renters can look over the products themselves and assess their size, shape, quality, and materials. The customers may then rent whatever they may need.

And when the trade show is about to start, the rental company’s crew will deliver the rented walls. Such walls tend to be light enough so that they can be carried by hand with a few workers, or delivered with dollies and the like. Some such walls may have fabric bodies, or they may have cork board surfaces or more solid bodies for placing posters on. Some such display walls may be made up of metal wire lattices, and clips and other items can be used to attach banners and posters to them. Wire lattice walls and displays tend to e light enough so that they can be delivered by hand.

Museums and Temporary Walls

A museum will have wall space, display stands, and even ceiling space for displaying semi-permanent or completely permanent works of art and sculptures, but that is not the only option here. A museum’s staff may also visit those temporary wall rental companies and rent whatever they need. Most often, this is done to create a temporary gallery, such as one that lasts only a week or a month (or even just a weekend). Those portable walls can be set up and arranged as desired in an empty room or other open space, and the museum’s staff can place paintings, sketches, framed photos, and more on them. Some temporary art galleries like this may be set up to coincide with a holiday, major event, or time of year, and lighting fixtures may be set up, too.