What Do Customers Notice When They See Your Sign? Five Tips To Boost Your Sign Presence

When’s the last time you gave your sign a critical eye?

If you’re unsure…never fear. Signs are a common feature of our everyday life, after all, and it’s easy to take for granted something you see all the time. That being said? It’s time to take your real estate signs and custom banners more seriously, because your industry only gets more competitive by the minute. There are millions of advertisements out there flashing past customer’s eyes and only so much time in the day to address them, so taking a few minutes now to figure out your weak spots will go a long way. What could your custom display board be missing this year?

Read below to pick up some simple tips on getting the most out of your sign presence, whether it’s creating a new logo or just putting your real estate signs in a better location.

Help Customers Find Your Business

What’s the most important function of a sign? Believe it or not…just helping customers find your place of business is pretty high on the list. Even before you get invested in a catchy logo or a flashy eco friendly sign, learn instead about the benefits of steering your customers to the right place. One study found half of all customers who enter a business do so because of the signage. Next time you buy banners for sale, keep in mind that a repeat customer is one that doesn’t need to jump through hoops to access your services or products.

Save Money With A Clever Sign

Marketing is expensive. It seems there’s always another digital marketing venture or series of custom display boards to invest in! Signs are still one of the best ways of saving money while making money, offering you a solid return on your investment provided you meet a few basic requirements. The value of on-site signage blows other forms of advertising straight out of the water, with an average banner or backlit film equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year.

Good Designs Are A Solid First Impression

A good design can say a lot about your company. So can a poor one. One study found over 70% of consumers stating the quality of a business’s sign reflects the quality of the business. Another 85% of people in a recent survey agreed that signs can accurately convey the personality or character of a business. Solid designs use minimal color schemes, a single focal point and appealing text to get people feeling positive about your brand. When in doubt? Reach out to a professional familiar with graphic design.

Take Advantage Of Your Location

If you work in real estate you’re already familiar with the phrase ‘location, location, location’. Even if you don’t you know the power of reaching out to people who are already nearby. Over 85% of a company’s customers live within a 5-mile radius of the business, with these customers likely to see the same sign 50 times or more throughout the average week. This means putting you real estate signs and display boards where they’ll see the most foot traffic, even if it doesn’t feel as trendy as putting your sign up with a cluster at the local plaza.

Invest In Eco-Friendly Sign Solutions

What’s one more aspect you can get invested in? Make it a point to invest in a green eco friendly sign or two. More customers these days are interested in companies that are putting the environment in front of profit and promoting that even in your sign work is a good way to get heads turning. This can be done by putting a small blurb in the corner of your sign or even creating a green design to clue customers in on the materials you’re using or the labor you’re promoting. Whether it’s construction site signs to reach out to new applicants or real estate signs to promote a new sale, all businesses can benefit from a little extra thought going forward.

What could your sign use to leave a better impression this year? Give these tips a try and see the difference for yourself.