What Dallas Staffing Agencies Can Do For You

Employment Staffing for Dallas, Texas

Temp agencies, otherwise known as employment agencies or job placement agencies, provide staffing services to help underemployed people make ends meet through matching them with businesses who have need of employees. A recent statistic says that 57% of businesses view employee retention as a problem. Employment staffing agencies exist, in part, to solve this dilemma.

What Staffing Services Do For Businesses and Employees

Dallas staffing agencies, for example, help Dallas area businesses find workers, and employees find work. The work of staffing agencies plays a key role in unemployment statistics.

For businesses, an employment staffing service handles the hiring and firing of employees, in addition to paperwork such as payroll and federal and state tax forms, including Social Security and Medicare. The client, the business that hired the staffing agency, need only state the number of employees needed and the amount of time for which they are needed. Hourly rates and length of employment periods can be negotiated in good faith, however.

For employees, Dallas staffing services provide jobs for the appropriate job seeking candidates. The agency will usually provide temporary work, therefore the word “temp” in temp agency, which can be seasonal employment or other short term work. The job seeker signs up with the agency, which reviews his or her qualifications for the job. Dallas staffing services seek to match qualified Dallas area employees with businesses and organizations who have contracted with the staffing services.

Dallas staffing agencies earn their keep by assessing fees to the client businesses and this depends on which type of work is needed and the demand for that particular job. Normally, the staffing service will receive the same amount the employee earns, according to jobseekersadvice.com. There are skilled and unskilled positions to fill and the client’s fee is based on the type of work needed.

Benefits of Using Dallas Staffing Services

Businesses hire employment staffing agencies to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to hiring. This frees up the company to concentrate on their business. Temporary workers, through temp staffing agencies, fill seasonal employment needs and the business does not have to worry about many of the costs associated with long-term, full time employees, such as employer-paid health insurance plans and retirement accounts. The liability also lies with the staffing agency and not the employer.

Employees get to find work while looking for a full time job, or they may simply want to work more hours. Finding a temporary or seasonal job is the specialty of the staffing agency. They can match employees with the right business, oftentimes, much faster than the employee can. The employee can concentrate on working and earning a living and leave the hiring stress to the employment agency.

Sometimes temporary employment will lead to full time, permanent employment. This is an added benefit to the employee for using an employment staffing agency. The business wanting to hire the temp worker full time will usually pay a small percentage of the employees salary to the staffing agency. Not all agencies charge for this type of temp-to-full time employee situation.

There are other types of agencies that are similar to staffing agencies, such as consulting, recruiting, and executive agencies. These all have their own particular niche in the employment industry.