Top 3 Affects of Plastic Pollution

Round clamshell packaging

Pollution is a problem around the world. It affects the lands, oceans, rivers, and air. Everyone’s lives are touched by pollution. Maybe the cost of fish at your favorite restaurant is higher because the fish are not as prevalent. Maybe the road you drive everyday has trash on the side. Maybe you can smell that high tide from miles away. Much of this pollution comes from plastic, specifically plastic packaging. Everything is wrapped in plastic for the product’s safety and protection. However, there are many options that can reduce this plastic waste. Various clamshell packaging solutions, for example, can reduce the need for packaging or use reusable materials. Here are the top 3 reasons to reduce plastic waste.

1. Plastic fills our oceans and costs everyone money. So much plastic waste ends up in the ocean that it causes up to $13 billion in damages per year. Thermoformed clamshells, reusable clamshells, and other clamshell packaging solutions can help reduce this waste and this cost. Thermoformed make it specific to the product. Reusable means the plastic will be used more than once. Other clamshell packaging solutions can provide answers to your specific problem and industry.

2. The world produces and uses a lot of plastic each year. In 2013, 78 million tons of plastic packaging was produced worldwide. Eventually, 40% went to landfills and 32% of the plastic packaging was released into the environment, causing pollution of the land and water. Reusable packaging decreases the amount of plastic in the environment.

3. Consumers are interested in solutions. Over half of consumers around the world choose, to some extent, to purchase products with retail packaging that is socially and environmentally friendly. This shift shows that consumers are interested in protecting the environment. If your company switches to more customizable packaging solutions/options, your company may see an increase in sales.

Plastic pollution is everywhere and touches everyone’s lives. But there are ways to reduce the plastic packaging on your product so less plastic can contaminate the Earth. Clamshell packaging solutions and other retail packaging can be reduced per product and can be made with reusable material. These will reduce the burden on the planet and may even put you in the good graces of new customers. Look at your company’s retail packaging to see where improvements can be made.