Three Things You Can Do to Reduce Server Downtime in Your Data Center

Server cabinet rack

Efficiency is a major priority at any data center; the less time your servers spend experiencing downtime and maintenance, the more productive each server can be.

And in order to maintain the highest level of efficiency among your data center’s servers, it’s imperative to maintain a constant level of vigilance to actively prevent against errors and other problems that lead to costly downtime.

Want to reduce downtime in your data center’s server racks and cabinets? Be sure to take these three steps that improve efficiency and prevent downtime in server enclosures:

Keep server rack enclosures properly cooled

Climate is, surprisingly, a hugely vital factor behind how much energy a server room will consume, along with its environmental impact. In addition, it’s essential to keep server room temperatures regulated to prevent servers from overheating and causing their hardware to malfunction. Be sure to provide air conditioning and humidity regulators in each server room, and arrange server racks in a manner that encourages airflow and circulation.

Choose the right server rack cabinets

Housing your server hardware in the appropriate cabinets or enclosures helps keep them running at their most efficient and reduce opportunities for downtime. Many server cabinets contain their own fans and cooling systems to keep servers at their ideal temperatures, and in some cases you can even purchase custom-built server enclosures for your enterprise’s unique needs.

Take steps against network failure

Preventing server downtime involves more than just the server hardware itself. Maintaining a fast network connection that experiences as little failure as possible is also key. To ensure this, your network’s infrastructure should be built with paths, switches, routers and other building blocks of an effective network connection.

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