Three Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your Warehouse Battery Room

Forklift battery handling

The forklift battery handling area is undoubtedly the most crucial component of any warehouse’s day to day activities. Without efficient, safe and thorough forklift battery management, your forklift trucks don’t perform up to their full potential, compromising almost every operation within your enterprise. And when the average forklift battery accounts for up to 30% of a forklift’s overall cost, you can’t afford to have ineffective battery handling and changing!

A great way to guarantee the success of your forklift battery room is to make sure it’s constructed properly and outfitted with the proper fixtures before work even begins. If you’re currently in the planning stages of your new warehouse, you should keep several things in mind for the best battery handling area possible.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to the three most crucial things you should keep in mind while planning your new warehouse’s forklift battery room:

Adequate space for traffic

The warehouse battery room is constantly full of activity, with personnel, forklift battery carriages and battery maintenance equipment almost always in motion. Because of this, you want to allot plenty of room for this high-traffic area of your warehouse. Traffic aisles should be wide enough to allow a forklift to pass through without bumping into anything — and leave room for two forklifts to pass each other as well.

Electrical service

Forklift battery maintenance involves a great deal of electricity — charging, ventilation, washing, heating, cooling and more all require electrical power. It’s vital to ensure your battery room is equipped with adequate electrical service by locating the room near a main power feed; distance from the power feed increases costs.


Because each forklift battery must be washed and watered regularly, all battery rooms should be equipped with ample plumbing and drainage to accommodate these procedures. Safety showers and eye wash stations will need to be hooked up to the plumbing as well.

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