Three Essential Elements of Business Sign Design

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Though these days, the focus in marketing is on what business owners can do with technology and the internet, sometimes it’s best to get back to the basics. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, of all forms of advertising signs are the most effective and least expensive form of advertising for a small business. To be the most effective, these are the three most important elements of small business sign design.

One of the most important considerations to make when designing a sign for a business is the size. This will likely depend on the style of the sign and where it will be placed, but in most cases the bigger the sign, the better. One inch of letter height on a sign equates to about ten feet of viewing distance, so the taller the letters on the sign, the greater the distance it can be viewed from.

Color combinations are also an essential element of business sign design. The colors on a sign should complement each other more than blend, so that the image or message is clear. In addition to making a sign easier to read, using complementary colors also makes signs more visually interesting. If a business already uses a set of colors in their advertising, one or more of them should be used in the sign design to increase brand awareness.

A third essential part of sign design is light. Again, this depends on the style of sign, but channel letter signs, projecting blade signs, and of course LED signs can all be illuminated. When it comes to lighting a sign, there’s really no disadvantage. Having a lit sign means that customers and passersby can always read the sign any time, day or night.

There are many other elements of small business sign design, but these are the most basic and the most important to keep in mind: size, color, and light. Continue your research here.