Thinking About Expanding Your Business 4 Ways Staffing Agencies Help

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Employers are constantly looking for more ways to increase productivity and streamline the hiring process. Eliminating problems such as employee turnover is a major problem that employers are looking to solve. Considering almost one fourth of all new hires leave within 45 days after being hired and turnovers cost employers near 11 million dollars a year, solving this problem saves companies money.

Cost Effective

Using staffing agencies may seem like an unnecessary cost, but in the end it can actually end up saving the company money in the long run. A staffing agency handles majority of the hiring process for you. Many testing procedures that employers usually have to pay for are paid for by the staffing company. Payroll processing and benefits are also handled by staffing companies.

Employee Retention

Staffing agencies handle much of the training, testing, qualifications, work habits and performance. This means once employees reach permanent status they are more likely to stay longer. Allowing the staffing agency to handle the trial period, this cuts down on the costs of turnover that the employer usually endures.

Less Stress

You run your company, because it is what you do everyday, meaning you are good at it and make it run as smoothly as possible. Staffing agencies sift through applicants, hire them and train them each and every day. This is what they do, meaning they are good at it. Utilizing skills and resources from other professionals frees time and relieves stress.

More Productive Employees

Many times when the work load increases employers have a tendency to place more responsibility on the current work force. This can be problematic, especially if your workforce is already working double time. Adding a new staff member helps not only ease the workload of the already overworked staff, but also helps to encourage them to be more productive. Seeing that business is picking up enough to add more staff also helps to boost employee moral.

Almost half of all human resource personnel agree that employee retention is the number one concern of theirs, followed closely by employee engagement. Staffing agencies can help with both of these issues. By taking a lot of the worry out the hiring process, streamlining the training and testing, and eliminating the turnover process, employees can spend more time focusing on their current employees rather than new ones.

When your company experiences rapid growth and you find yourself needing to add to your current staff, allow staffing agencies to help you. Clearly express your needs, wants and desires, and make the line of communication open. This will allow them to serve you to the best of their abilities, and make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. Utilizing the services of a staffing agency benefits not only you, but your employees and entire company as well.