The Top Three HR Facts You Didn’t Know

Human resources management system

Most businesses have some sort of human resource positions. The larger a business is, in fact, the more necessary it becomes to create those careers in human resource management. Most people do not have an accurate idea of what careers in human resource management actually look like though; here are three things you probably do not know about your company’s HR:

1. Human Resources Isn’t Just an Office

When you hear the name HR, you probably have a pretty standard, if vague, idea of what the term must be referring to: an office full of secretaries, right? In point of fact, however, human resources aren’t just a department. Human resources is a term used for all the people who, together, comprise a given workforce. In this sense, the HR you associate with the word works to manage human resources.

2. Human Resources Agencies Are Here For The Company

So the HR you are familiar with is responsible for managing the workforce of your company. Fair enough, you might think, so long as you know where to go when you have an issue that needs resolving! Be careful exactly what issues you approach HR with though. The human resources department is primarily responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees. What they are not here for, however, is the support of employees. HR is designed to help companies run efficiently. They are by no means arbiters of justice and they are definitely not obligated to be on your side. Despite all this, it is important to remember that…

3. The People Making Human Resource Solutions are Still People

While it may be true that HR is responsible for collecting, storing, and utilizing employee data, it is important to remember that they are not machines. Whether you are frustrated at them for following policy or for not doing exactly what you want, remember that while they have to operate within the parameters set by their superiors, they are not necessarily happy about it and getting irritated at them will not help matters at all. What fact about HR was most striking to you?