The Top Three Gears In Your Life that You Might Not Know About

Worm gears

You have so many gears in your life, whether they come in the form of splined shafts and hubs or just simple clockwork gears, but how much do you really know about them? The typical person doesn’t even know what splined shafts and hubs are, let alone what they are used for. Here are three gears in your every day life that you may not have heard about:

1. Circular Gears have a Few Different Parts

A circular gear is just that: a gear in the shape of a circle, roughly. It’s used for more than rolling though. A rack is a kind of toothed strip that, when used with a circular gear, turns the two into a pinion. Pinion gears are used for a few different things, but there is one use that is far more common than any other: locomotives on a track. Pinions are most often used to keep those carts moving along their track, whether it’s at an amusement park or a tour facility.

2. Some Gears Have More Torque than Others

All gears provide some amount of torque, but some are more helpful in this regard than others. If you want real torque, you probably want to look into worm gears. In conjunction with a worm shaft, the worm gear design allows it to generate a great deal of torque for any gear. Its value as a torque-creator has a lot to do with its simplicity of design as well, which is why it is notable that…

3. The Spur Gear is the Simplest Gear

The spur gear is the stereotypical gear people think of them they talk about gears. That’s because it is one of if not the simplest designs for a gear out there. It’s also known as the straight cut gear, partially for how it is made and partially because of how straightforward it is. What do you think about these gears? Continue.