The Top 5 Factors That Affect Parking Lot Sweeping Prices

parking lot sweeping pricesIf you own a parking lot or a business with an associated parking area, one of the costs you’ll want to include in your maintenance budget is the cost of having your parking lot swept or cleaned with a parking lot vacuum on a regular basis.

There are several reasons it’s important to maintain this space. The first is that customers often decide what establishments to patronize when they’re driving by, so your parking lot is your opportunity to make a good first impression. And once customers are there, they’re more likely to clean up after themselves if they don’t already see litter lying around.

But street sweepers don’t just remove visible litter and the leaves that tend to collect against curbs. They also remove pollutants that are extremely harmful to the environment if they are carried away by storm runoff. These include oil and chemicals from vehicles, pesticides from landscaping, viruses and bacteria, and salt or chemicals used to melt ice.

What should you expect when it comes to parking lot sweeping prices? Some expenses, such as fuel and labor, will be affected by region. But there are some constants that will affect the parking lot sweeping prices you’re quoted:

  1. The Size of Your Parking Lot
    Obviously, a very large lot will probably be more expensive to sweep than a small one. But since sweeping businesses take into account a number of factors, and have to consider the initial cost of simply traveling to your business, don’t expect cost and size to be directly proportional (for example, a lot twice the size of another might not cost exactly twice as much to sweep).

  3. The Geography of Your Lot
    Surprisingly, a level lot is not always easier to sweep. This is because a slope causes debris to automatically concentrate in one area, where it can be more easily cleaned up. The condition of your asphalt will also affect how quickly a sweeper can clean your lot; cracks and crannies force the driver to slow down (and therefore charge you more).

  5. The Number of Obstacles in Your Lot
    Most modern mechanical sweepers both brush and vacuum debris from streets and parking lots. Parking berms, curbs and landscaping islands can all force the drivers of these sweeper trucks to slow down. Since this means a longer overall cleaning time, it makes sense that they’d charge more in these cases.

  7. The Cleaning Timeline
    If you’re getting new bids on contract sweeping services, the company will probably want to know how recently you’ve had your parking lot cleaned. Often, you’ll pay a higher price for the initial cleanup, and then a lower price for scheduled maintenance cleanings.

  9. The Type of Business You Own
    Certain kinds of businesses, such as drugstores, convenience stores and 24-hour grocery stores, get more litter than others. This is because customers are likely to open items and throw wrappers on the ground before getting in their cars (something that obviously is less likely to happen at a high-end apparel store). Know that you’ll probably pay more for a job if you own one of these types of businesses, or expect to get parking lot sweeping services more frequently.

What other features factor into parking lot sweeping prices? Join the discussion in the comments.