The Relationship Between Consumers And Product Packaging

Here is a scenario: you just recently ordered a product online because, like 85 percent of shoppers, you read the packaging and it sounded good. It finally reaches you a few days later and wouldn’t you know it the packaging has been compromised. If only the business had paid a little more attention to their packaging integrity then maybe, just maybe, you would have bought another one.

The Interesting Relationship Between Consumer And Product

Not many individuals stop to think about the relationship between product and consumer, especially when it comes to packaging. When you grab that bag of chips or that delicious frozen treat, you never realize the subconscious decisions you are making. Some are conscious decisions, like reading food packaging labels that two-thirds of Americans, about 62 percent, also do. But ask yourself this: how often have you heard an individual make a purchase because, to them, it “looked good.” In fact, this is fairly common. If you bought a new product because the packaging caught your eye, then you are a part of the 66 percent of consumers that did the same, according to a study conducted in 2016 by the West Rock Consumer Insights Study.

Having a good package with a few bells and whistles has provided options for individuals to champion, in a way. You have resealable pouches so food is less likely to be wasted from too much exposure to inadequate temperatures. You even have organic tea packaging for the environmentally conscious individuals and clear pouch bags to see the products.

In fact, spice packaging is the perfect example of good packaging. Spice packaging usually takes advantage of a clear container of sorts, a bag or sealed bottle. When you see the spice packaging in a store, it allows you to see the colors present as well as ingredients.

Simply put, packaging is almost as important as the product itself, even arguably just as important. And having a good looking product can even find itself on social media. In fact, if a business is looking to spread the word of their product faster, it has been shown that 40 percent of customers will share a photo of that product online if the product looks good. And clearly so since 30 percent of consumer interest has come from paying close attention to a product’s packaging, according to reports from businesses.