The Most Physically Demanding Trades That Require Employee Physical Fitness

Oil and gas companies can access reservoirs at different angles and at depths not achievable through conventional drilling methods. The job requires employees that can be fit and skilled in dealing with the pressures.

Due to long working hours and physically demanding tasks required, directional drilling is among the most challenging tasks. Employers may have to move heavy machinery, work in confined spaces and use machinery. They may also be required to operate in harsh conditions in the outdoors, like difficult terrain or extreme weather conditions. For success in this profession, it is important that employees have physical endurance and strength.

Directional drilling allows wells be drilled with certain angles and angles rather than being straight down. It is used by the oil and natural gas sector to reach reservoirs that aren’t easily accessible by conventional drilling techniques. This method requires highly skilled employees who are physically fit and equipped to manage the tough conditions on the job.

Due to the difficulty of task and hours of work, directional drilling is physically demanding. Workers may need to work within tight areas and carry the weight of heavy equipment. It is also possible that they will need to perform work in harsh terrain or in extreme weather conditions. To succeed in this trade it is essential that employees have physical strength and endurance, along with the ability to be efficient and precise under pressure.


Millwrighting is an occupation that involves the installation of, maintaining, and repairs of industrial equipment and machinery. Millwrights are among the more physically demanding professions as they work in a broad range of industrieslike construction, manufacturing, as well as power generation. The profession can be physically demanding due to the high lif