The Importance of Isolation Transformers in Your Home – Home Efficiency Tips

An isolation transformer is a transformer which permits voltage through it, and output voltage remains exactly the same. This is different than typical transformers but it is important to reduce shock potential.

Power comes into your house by way of a pole-mounted transformer which begins to lower the voltage as it arrives at your residence. One rod enters the ground and the earth serves as conductor. This is the reason why it is possible to be shocked in the event that you plug an outlet that is on the incorrect side.

The opposite side of the plug will be considered live or hot. An amateur electrician might reverse the polarity , so ensure you don’t assume the wrong side is alive. It’s the same kind of power that’s transferred if you plug in an isolation transformer to the system. But, the ground is no longer an electrical conductor, and could cause shock.

It’s crucial to have this info no matter if you’re an experienced electrician or are just beginning to learn how to do some electrical wiring on your own. It is strongly recommended that you work with a qualified professional for such jobs. Check out the video to learn more!