The Importance Of Clean Water In American Homes

Water treatment technologies

Water is a necessary thing in all parts of the world. In fact, it is THE necessary thing. Without water, we would quickly perish and all kinds of life would very soon cease to thrive. Water is what keeps up living and healthy. It’s what keeps us going throughout our days, our weeks, our entire lives. But only around three percent of all the water on Earth is freshwater, and one percent of all of that water on Earth is considered to be suitable for drinking, and much of that water is contaminated.

As environmental remediation contractors will tell you, contaminated drinking water is not only a problem throughout the world, but a problem happening hear and now in the United States. Though you may not have ever had to think about how you would get clean water, environmental remediation contractors and groundwater environmental services know that our water is not always as clean and pure as we would like it to be or think that it already is.

There are a number of causes for the contamination of water and the need for environmental remediation contractors. First, the vast majority of industrial waste – as much as seventy percent of it – is simply dumped into freshwater sources as a means of disposing of it. Once that industrial waste is in the water supply, it very quickly contaminates it. Ground water in particular has been affected by industrial waste and the majority of serious industrial waste – around eighty percent – has already had a measurable negative impact on the quality of the ground water that it contaminates. As ground water makes up nearly one hundred percent of the freshwater available for the purposes of consumption, it is crucial to keep it safe, clean, and as protected as possible from outside contaminants. Chemical spills are another problem impacting the overall quality and cleanliness of our water sources. Unfortunately, more than sixteen thousand chemical spills occur every year in the United States alone. These chemical spills usually occur from truck accidents, train accidents, and storage tank leakage and have a considerable impact on the quality of the water that happens to be nearby.

Though the state of the contamination and pollution of our freshwater sources may seem dire, it is important to note that there are steps we can take to combat this. From environmental remediation contractors to groundwater environmental services, groundwater remediation methods are becoming more well known and, subsequently, more utilized throughout the country and even beyond. Primary and secondary water waste treatments alone can remove as much as ninety five percent of all pollutants and contaminants from a water source, meaning that the water is typically now safe to send into people’s homes. Once it has reached your home, it is easy to utilize a water filter or other water treatment device on a house by house basis.

We need water, there’s no doubt about it. Without water, things would begin to look dire pretty quickly. However, much of our vital freshwater sources have become contaminated from a variety of pollutants. These pollutants are man made and have many origins, from truck spills to the dumping of industrial waste. It is important that we take steps to combat this pollution of our water sources, as many of these pollutants have adverse effects on the human body, making the polluted water less than ideal – or even safe – to drink. Fortunately, environmental remediation contractors can help to remove pollutants from a water supply as well as prevent new pollutants from entering.