The Best Strategies for Golf Cart Maintenance –

Maintaining your carts is crucial. Begin by charging your carts with electric power. It is recommended to check the battery at least every 3-4 weeks, whether or not you’re actively using the cart or not, especially during the winter season.
This is important to prevent damage to the battery or losing energy. It comes with both a battery charger that includes batteries keeper as well as switch that allows you to disable the toll-run switch. This will help to secure the terminals of batteries. It is important to keep the terminals spotless and free from corrosion and ensure the batteries are filled with water that has been distilled.
Cleaning the area around your battery is the final component of the maintenance process for golf carts. You will need to make a mixture of water and baking soda. The proportion you need is one gallon of drinking water for one cup of baking powder. Spray the mix using a sprayer. After that, wash the whole battery compartment and clean. qcv9hent4s.