The 4 Reasons to Use a Business Document Scanning Service

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If you have a business, you probably have a lot of paper records. These are hard to keep track of, take up a ton of space and leave many people think, “there has to be a better way!” The good news is that there is a better way. Using a business document scanning service and a secure shredding services company can make many of the problems with document storage and control a lot easier.

The Benefits to Using a Business Document Scanning Service and Paper Shredding Service:

1. You Will Get More of Your Office Space Back:

When you use a business document scanning service will make storing all of your documents much easier. By putting everything into digital storage, you lose the need to have all the paperwork around. All the file cabinets with paper records of various transactions, employee records, client/customer/patient information and everything else that you need to keep your business going can be put on a hard drive and stored in a drawer. It has been estimated that all of the paper from 30 file cabinets can be stored on a single DVD.

  • Not having to deal with large, clunky and worn out filing cabinets means you have a lot more space for other and more productive things in your business. Add new workstations. If your office needs to expand its workforce, you may be able to add more people without having to find new office space. This is a much better use of your space.
  • Downsize your office. Now that you have a lot of extra room, you may be able to move your business to a more economical space. Paying less for rent is always good for a business’s bottom line.
  • Enjoy the space! People are more productive when they are more comfortable. If your office was feeling cramped with all of those filing cabinets. Without them, your workers will have more space, will be happier and more productive.

2. Your Data Will Be Secure

Storing all of your important data in a digital storage system will keep it much safer than when it is all on paper. For many businesses such as law offices, medical practices and companies and organizations that handle sensitive financial data, protecting client, customer or patient information is a very high priority. Keeping all of this on a digital system can help protect it from theft, flooding or fire.

By using a business document scanning service will give you a lot more peace of mind. The information in your records can be stored securely with a system for proper management of all of your information, while staying in proper compliance with all of the local, state and federal regulations that govern your industry. You can determine who has access to your data. It can be shared when that is needed and kept private when that is called for.

Once the documents have been moved to a digital format, the original paperwork can be destroyed. Paper shredding services will destroy all of your paper so that it cannot be reconstituted and recreated. The only place your files will be in on a secure server.

3. You Can Back Everything Up

When you use a business document scanning service, your data can be backed up and stored in more than one location to keep it totally safe from any natural or manmade disaster. Whether you do your own backups or you have someone else handle that for your business, a scanned document is a more secure file than a paper folder.

4. You Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Document Scanning Services and Document Shredding Services.

Every year, people in the United States use more than 80 tons of paper. A lot of that ends up in landfills. It has been estimated that paper is the most common material found in solid waste. By taking all of your paper files and having their contents scanned, you can then have the paper shredded and recycled. This is sometng you can promote about your business. You will help the planet and your image at the same time.

Using a business document scanning and shredding service will do your company a lot of good. These are just some of the benefits.