Steel Strapping The Benefits and Negatives

Galvanized steel banding

The construction industry is often viewed as the backbone of the United States by people who understand how the world works. Now, if you are someone that does not agree then you need to know this is because you are not taking into consideration what the construction industry actually does. Once you understand what the construction industry actually does, then you will understand why it is so important.

Think about all of the buildings that surround your place of work or even your home. Now, understand that none of these buildings would exist without the construction industry, and it is that simple. The construction industry is responsible for building the workplace you work at and even the home you live within.

As previously mentioned, even though the construction industry is so important there are a lot of people who are quite ignorant of what goes on during the construction process. If you want something built you should definitely let an expert do the work, but if not then here is what you should know about steel strapping.

During the construction process the most important part of a successful construction is first and foremost employee safety. However, employee safety can only be guaranteed if you have the highest qualities of strapping tools, sign banding, and tools. One of the most popular forms of strapping is steel strapping because it is quite reliable.

One of the most recycled materials on Earth is steel, much to your surprise. The American Iron and Steel Institute has estimated that nearly 88% of all steel is eventually recycled. Just about two out of every three tons of new steel will come from old recycled stock and byproducts, such as processing liquids and steelmaking slags and dust, can also be taken out and sold.

Steel strapping is so popular because steel is strong. The steel hinges on a refrigerator can support more than 140 pounds of weight from the door without ever sagging. Those are just hinges, small hinges, so imagine what it must be like to have steel strapping holding up large amounts of weight and you will understand how reliable this material is. Steel parts are also more dent resistant and are even 30% stronger than they were ten years ago!

The amount of energy that is required to produce a ton of steel has been reduced by just about 35% since the year of 1972. Only half of the steel that was needed for the Golden Gate Bridge, which was 83,000 tons, would be needed to construct it today. Whenever a ton of steel is recycled, this means that 120 pounds of limestone 1,400 pounds of coal, and nearly 2,500 pounds of iron ore are saved.

Just about 70% of steel can be recycled in North America each year which is good because this means if you invest in buying steel strapping you can easily recycle the steel and get money back. Though it has a notably higher resistance than many, as with all metals stainless steel reacts to changes in temperature, expanding and contracting. The construction industry has to be particularly aware of this fact.

In Conclusion

Every year there are construction sites that will begin work on creating new buildings. These buildings will range in the purpose that they serve and what they do, but it does not matter in the long run because these construction sites will try to carry out their usual process. Make sure that you have steel strapping on your site because it will very much help you out. You will not only have the strongest material possible for your straps, but you will also be able to recycle it with ease.