Space and Solitude: The Missing Components of a Happy Home

The average American household has roughly 300,000 things inside of it. This might seem like a lot, but when you consider the amount of random stuff you have lying around, it begins to make sense. The number of items in your home might not be too much of an issue today, but there are two common problems people might run into over time.


Each house, no matter the size, only has a finite amount of space to fit things. What happens when you have a hobby like carpentry, mural painting, or collecting? You need to move around, organize supplies, and keep your house clutter free.

Why not just use the garage? Well, most people prefer to keep their car in the garage. Cars are expensive, and leaving them outside, especially in coastal climates like Florida, can result in unnecessary wear and tear. So, what should you do?

Portable buildings are an excellent solution. They can act like portable garages, but not for your car. While a lot of people do sacrifice garage space for their hobbies, they need not do so. Think of portable buildings like portable garages — for hobbies. Not only are they great storage buildings for your hobby supplies, they can actually solve the second issue homeowners have.


If you have a family, you probably know all about ‘too much togetherness’. You love them dearly, but sometimes enough is enough. If you need a break, locking storage sheds are the perfect mini-vacation. You can take some time on your own to practice the piano, read a book, or design a new logo for work.

That’s right, portable buildings can be used as office space as well. This is perfect for people with a big backyard or companies who need to expand. This easy alternative to expensive and prolonged construction will give you a private place to relax, decompress, or get work done.

All in all, no matter how big your house is, you will eventually need a break from being inside. Cabin fever is all too real. The best way to solve both the issues of space and solitude is by getting a portable building. If you are interested in learning more about the features that come with our portable buildings, don’t hesitate to contact us today.