Sitting Comfortably at Work Can be More Important Than Your Realize

Office chair with headrest

Don’t let lower back pain ruin your workday. This pain can be not only uncomfortable, but also unhealthy, and can seriously effect your productivity. Your lower back pain can also be sign of more serious health problems, that if not treated, can turn into chronic pain.

You may be wondering why you’re feeling such discomfort at work, but believe it or not, you need look no further than your chair for back pain. Sitting for eight hours a day in a cheap office chair can lead to more bakc problems than you ever would have expected. You will do yourself a world of good by looking into the best desk chairs for back pain.

The best office chairs for lower back pain are ergonomic computer chairs. These chairs are designed for people who spend long hours seated at a desk. The human body is not designed for prolonged periods of sitting, so without ergonomic assistance, our bodies suffer from unnecessary strain that can do permanent and painful damage.

The most important feature of any ergonomic chair is the lumbar support. The lower back is the area that takes the greatest amount of strain when we are seated. When in a sitting position, the lower back is supporting the majority of our body weight, which it is not designed to do. This means that there is a lot of extra pressure on our lower vertebrae and the muscles of our lower back.

However, the lumbar support pillow in a good ergonomic chair helps to bear some of this excess strain. The pillow lifts and stretches the muscles of the lower back, providing some relief. It also helps to support the body’s weight, taking some of the stress and strain off of the lower spine.

Another important characteristic you should look for in your office chair is good ergonomics. Your office chair should have a lot of adjustable components, enabling it to adjust to the perfect size to suit your individual body measurements. Having an appropriately-adjusted office chair means your body is positioned for optimum comfort and health, or as optimized a position as one can achieve while seated.

Cheap office chairs unfortunately do not offer the appropriate ergonomic support. There may be sime small amount of padding on the back of the chair, but without a lower back cushion, and an adjustable chair back, the cheap office chair is doing nothing to help ease the strain that sitting puts on your body.