Sign Me Up! Why Signs Can Be So Influential For Your Business

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Are you looking for an eye catching way to promote your business or products and get people to walk in your door? Is your business situated in an area with high foot traffic? If so, you may want to consider business window graphics — creative sign designs that are bold can really catch customers’ attention and make them interested in what you’re selling. If the sign is funny or clever, it also may make them remember your business later on down the line. Additionally, business window graphics are a great way to let customers know where you are — around 35% of people wouldn’t know where a business was without the sign letting them know its location.
Who Really Pays Attention to Signs Anyway?
If you take into account that over three-quarters of your customers live in a five mile radius of your physical store location, it means that they must see your business pretty frequently. If they’re passing by it regularly, other people are too. There’s your potential for increasing your customer base!
Over one third of people say that they’ve looked at an ad or sign that was outside every time (or much of the time) that they went by one. Anyone who walks by your store regularly will see your sign about twice a day — which adds up to around 60 times a month! There’s no way you can walk by a store that many times and not remember it — even if that person has no need for your services or goods at the moment, he or she may know someone who does and may often mention having seen your store.
Will A Sign Increase My Profits?
Of course, it depends on the kind of sign that you have, but research shows that even if you have the most basic kind of sign, like an outdoor sign or banners, your profits will grow at least slightly. Half of all new customers say they were interested in a business because of a sign they saw on premise. Business window lettering or business window graphics can help advertise a huge sale or alert customers to new products inside the store.
One method of advertising with signs that has been especially effective is digital signage. OTX, a global consumer research and consulting company reported that over 60% of adults find digital signage attention grabbing. Beyond getting customers’ attention, almost 60% of consumers said it was unique, over 50% said it was interesting, and and almost 50% said they found it entertaining. Only a little above 25% of people said it was less irritating to them than other forms of advertising media.
In terms of profits, digital signage has shown that 40% of shoppers tend to gravitate towards buying from places with digital signs. And businesses that have digital signs see 30% more sales on average than businesses that just use the more conventional methods of advertising with signs.
In the grand scheme of things, investing in signs can be a worthwhile opportunity for your business. Try using a digital sign and see what kinds of profits it can bring in!