Seven Different Kinds of Office Chairs To Consider for Your Office Renovation

Ergonomic computer chairs

Did you know that there are many different kinds of office chairs? If your workplace is doing some redesigning, you may not have thought there were so many different seating option to choose from, but there are. These different chairs serve different purposes throughout the office, and it’s important to make sure you have the right chair for the right task.

  1. Task Chairs – Task chairs are the most common chairs in the office. They are very basic in design, and have casters or wheels at the base.
  2. Executive Chairs – Executive desk chairs are similar to task chairs, but they have a higher backrest, and have extra padding on the seat and the armrests. This makes them more expensive than cheap office chairs.
  3. Guest Chairs – Guest chairs are meant for guests and visitors who come into the office for a brief period. These chairs are placed in the reception area or next to a desk. Guest chairs are not intended for prolonged use, and are also not intended to be mobile, so they don’t have any wheels.
  4. Mesh Chairs – Mesh office chairs are intended for those who feel hot and sweaty while sitting at their desk. The mesh seat and backrest allow for effective air circulation, which should keep you that much cooler.
  5. Ergonomic Chairs – Ergonomic computer chairs are designed to provide maximum support for the back. These chairs are the most comfortable, especially for people who suffer from back pain or who work very long hours.
  6. Conference Chairs – Conference room chairs of meeting room chairs are meant for use in a conference room during meetings. They come in a variety of designs, and are usually quite fancy, since meetings can last for quite some time, but it looks more professional to have comfortable chairs. Executive desk chairs are sometimes used for this purpose.
  7. Stacking Chairs – Stacking chairs are lightweight chairs that can be easily stacked atop one another. These chairs work well in a cafeteria type setting, where the chairs are not always needed, but are readily available just in case.

Now that you know all the different kinds of chairs that are available — from executive desk chairs to simple task chairs– you can better judge what type of chairs to get for your work space. Continue.