Repairing Your Concrete this Spring

Driveway repairs

The summer months are finally upon us and people are beginning their spring cleaning and home remodeling routines. One of the most common projects during the spring months is that of outdoor cleanup and updating. The outdoor areas are commonly neglected during the colder months, as it is too cold to do any work to them. The spring is when homeowners focus on making any necessary repairs and updates to their outdoor living areas. One common area that needs work every few years is that of the driveways of the home. Most home driveways are made out of concrete and the concrete, over the years will crack and become very rough. This can be dangerous and visually unappealing to the homeowner.

A homeowner may opt to have their concrete driveway completely repaved or they may choose to simply have it repaired. The good thing about an asphalt driveway is that both are an option. If the homeowner chooses to have the asphalt driveway completely redone, they will want to consult with contractors who are familiar with and experienced in this type of work. Installing an asphalt driveway takes a lot of work and it must be carefully completed, as the driveway will be there for many years to come. If it is installed and maintained correctly, your concrete drive will have a long useful lifespan, usually 25 to 30 years.

If the driveway is not bad enough to warrant a full installation, the homeowner then can repair the asphalt driveway themselves or hire contractors for concrete repair. Repairing the concrete driveway is often much quicker and can be a simple process. In 2013, 67.8 million tons of asphalt pavement material was reclaimed, and nearly 100% was reused, making the asphalt that is used for both repair and installation a great product.

When a homeowner chooses to install a new concrete driveway or even if they choose to fix their current concrete driveway, they can also choose to change the color of the driveway. New concrete materials allow people to choose different shades and hues to add variation to their homes. Although it varies, colored concrete is available in upwards of 250 hues and shades. These different shades provide homeowners with a great variation and design tool for the upgrade of their home.

The summer months often bring many outdoor projects. People are stuck indoors for many of the cold, winter months and are unable to use or to do anything to their outdoor living areas. A great project is that of repairing or installing new concrete driveways. The concrete in a driveway is prone to cracking and becoming rough looking. Homeowners have the ability to either repair the existing concrete or to replace it with new concrete. New concrete installation should be performed by a professional contractor. Homeowners also have the option of updating the look of their homes with different types of concrete materials, including a wide variation in colors that are available.