Powder Coating Get an Ethical and Professional Finish

Choosing the right finish is a key part in the manufacturing process. No matter what kind of products you create having a quality finish that will last is going to make them better. The good news is there is a coating that is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry that offers some awesome features and looks great.

Powder coating offers a variety of benefits such as a professional finish and eco friendly qualities. It is a versatile finish that has multiple advantages over the liquid coatings that came before it and is applied through a sandblasting process. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Eco Friendliness

Powder coating is an ethical and eco friendly choice for finishing products. It emits little to no VOCs, meaning this it’s great for air quality and doesn’t pollute. It’s also nearly 100 percent recyclable, because the excess powder can be reused. It cuts back on waste and the use of hazardous chemicals, so it’s something to consider if you want to a more environmentally friendly factory.

Shorter Production Times

Because powder coating doesn’t require as many steps as liquid coating, you can cut back on production time and get products out the door faster. The sandblasting process used to spray powder coating is quick and efficient, leaving you with a quality finish in less time. This is obviously means you can provide faster and better service to your customers and save money doing it.

Get a Better Finish

Powder coating is also superior when it comes to product protection and overall finish quality. It comes in a wide variety of colors and provides a thick, durable, and smooth coat. It stands up well to dings and scratches and doesn’t easily chip. It’s a great choice for creating beautifully finished and lasting products that your customers will be more than satisfied with.

It’s no wonder that powder coating is becoming such a popular choice. With all of the benefits that it offers to manufacturers there isn’t much reason not to consider using it. You can make the switch and make a big step towards a more productive and more eco friendly plant.