PACS Workstation Changes the X Ray Industry

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X rays, which are created using a heterogeneous beam of x rays that are projected at an image, have really grown and changed over the years. When they first started out, their origins were relatively unknown, which is why they were called x rays because people didn’t know where the radiation came from that produced the images. Today, the origins of radiation are known and the entire process has been digitized.

While there have been a lot of changes regarding x rays, the biggest change happens to be the invention of the PACS workstation. The PACS workstation brings the process of taking and processing x rays and modernizes it.

In the past, taking a single x ray was a process. The radiologist, people who have been trained to take and read x rays, were required to suit up in radiation protection products. Only after wearing lead aprons and lead glasses were the radiologists able to take x rays. The invention of the PACS workstation improved and simplified this process.

The PACS workstation simplifies the x ray process by creating a computer workstation that digitally reads the x rays and places them on a screen. The quick procedure that is created by the PACS computer eliminates the need for prolonged exposure to radiation and allows radiologists to quickly and easily read the x rays.

In addition to the faster and more efficient x ray system created by the PACS workstation, it also helps improve communication in the healthcare industry. Nurses, doctors, and people who study radiology, which is the study of the human body, can send x ray images from one station to another quickly with just a click of a mouse. This improves communication as doctors and nurses no longer have to wait to see x rays, they can just download them from PACS workstation and view them on the Pacs monitor.
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