New Advances In Directional Drilling

Horizontal drilling equipment

Directional drilling is essentially the practice of drilling non-vertical wells and it has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s. Over the last 20 years, directional boring has evolved steadily and it is now the preferred method to better reach and produce oil and gas reserves due to its low cost and low impact on surroundings. If you are looking to hire a directional drilling company here are a few things you may want to remember:

1. How Drilling Works – So how is it that directional drilling companies in Texas as well as other oil rich states throughout the country can take thousands of miles worth of pipe and get it to bend at the precise angle necessary in order to reach a destination? The answer lies in the flexibility that comes with so much pipe being strung together as well as the advanced motor technology that guides the pipe. Horizontal drilling equipment has come a long way in order to offer the most to users today. Ask a drilling company about your upcoming project to see if directional drilling will work for you.

2. What Drilling Offers – It is not uncommon for some directional drilling projects to have installation lengths of up to 6,500 feet. Auger drills will reach as deep as 50 feet. The good news is that new drilling techniques are now capable of reaching anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 feet and in favorable conditions can sometimes reach as far as 25,000 feet. What does this mean for you? It means that your projects can do more than ever before.

3. Variety of Services – As you probably already know, directional drilling can be broken up into four different categories: oilfield, utility installation, directional boring, and surface in seam. It is important to hire directional drilling companies that offer the variety of service that your particular project needs. For instance, if you know that the project will require horizontal auger boring then you will want to ask ahead of time to ensure that the company you hire not only offers that service but has plenty of experience with it.

When deciding on the right company to hire for your next drilling project always keep these three things in mind: how drilling works, what drilling offers, and the variety of services that a particular company can give you. You’ll be glad you did!