Meeting Consumer Preferences for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Retail packaging

As people become more aware of the devastating consequences of environmental pollution, we are seeing a steady shift in consumer preferences. Sustainability and environmentally friendly products and packaging are preferred even if the cost is higher. Particularly when it comes to plastics, the damage done to the environment and wildlife is enormous and tragic. Environmentally friendly thermoformed packaging is a step in the right direction, using less material and producing sturdy products that can be used over and over again.

Pollution on land and sea
Plastic pollution on land and sea is a problem that is out of control. It is estimated that around 31.9 million metric tons of plastic waste is not disposed properly and a large amount ends up in the oceans, where it endangers all marine life. It is ingested by birds and fishes with fatal results. The total damage caused by plastic in the oceans is estimated to be worth over 13 billion each year.
In landfills, plastic doesn?t biodegrade. This means that it remains in its original and toxic form, leaching toxins into the soil and ground water. As these problems and the sheer scale of plastics pollution are becoming more widely known, people are searching for solutions. Reducing plastic usage and waste is an immediate step that everyone can take.

Environmentally friendly clam packaging
Thermoformed reusable clamshell packaging is environmentally friendly reusable packaging. Based on the original clamshell packaging, it combines the security and strength of the original with eco friendly features like reusable design and new shapes that use less raw material.
Clam cases are versatile and can be used for everything from fresh produce like raspberries and lettuce to utility boxes. They are also tamper evident, ensuring the quality of the products.

Meeting consumer preferences for sustainability
Consumers show a preference for ecofriendly retail packaging and over half would actually choose to buy products from a brand that has environmentally and socially conscious packaging. Green packaging can become a selling point for many products.
In fact a study by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 found that as many as 45% of consumers have picked products with environmentally friendly packaging. Thermoformed packaging meets the criteria for environmentally friendly packaging with its reusable design.

As people become aware of the problem of plastic pollution and its tragic consequences, they are looking for solutions. Reusable and ecofriendly thermoformed packaging is a part of the solution, and one that?s easy for most people to adopt immediately. Every small effort counts, and environmentally friendly packaging is an important step towards controlling the problem.