Make Your Trade Show Booth Memorable with These 5 Custom Exhibit Design Tips

Trade show booths

Trade shows offer great chances to show off the work done by a company or organization. You know the attendees are interested in the kinds of goods and services you provide so your only real challenge is to set yourself apart from the others who have exhibit booths. You can do this with a spectacular, custom exhibit design. Here are some tips to help you set your booth apart and to make a real splash.

  1. Use great graphics. It has been said that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and never is that more true than on billboards, in ads and at trade shows. If you can have some professional photographs taken of your product or process, that is the best thing. Work with a talented graphic designer to make your images, graphics and text all work together to form a custom exhibit design that gets the right kind of attention. You should consider having three kinds of graphics. You need them to look good from a long distance, medium distance and up close. When you are working on your exhibit design, consider people seeing your booth from these three distances.
  2. Consider your materials. When you are looking at trade show booth designs, consider what materials you will use for your booth itself but also the signs you will post around it. You will want the materials to be able to hold up for more than one use and make your graphics look as good as they can look. Many companies like to go with fabric but this can become very expensive. If there are any environmental concerns you need to take into consideration, you should ask the company who makes your banners and booth how their different materials hold up to cold, being outside, exhibit halls that are large, etc.
  3. Consider your lighting options. Some of this will be determined by the venue where the trade show is being held. In general LED lighting has become the preferred lighting choice for many custom exhibit designs. LED lighting is very versatile and can be used in a wide array of panels and in other parts of most interactive exhibit designs. When you are working on your custom exhibit design, you need to remember that the lighting can either attract or repel visitors. It can also be used to showcase your graphics or booth.

    Get the most from your text. You need to make your text compelling and legible. The fonts you pick are important here. Most graphic design experts say that sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica are the best for signage. They are the easiest to read. You may want to switch things up with different fonts but if you use more than two or three, you start to have a jumbled mess so keep this simple. By the same token, your message needs to be concise. Your message needs to be read and understood almost instantly so a long paragraph is not a god idea. Also make sure of your booth messaging is consistent with your other marketing materials.

  4. Offer helpful services at your booth. Have a charging station for phones and other devices. Make your booth include a WiFi hot spot. It is true that the venue may offer WiFi, and you should ask about that, but sometimes with everyone accessing it at the same time, it is less reliable than they would like. Having another space for people to access a reliable WiFi network can make your booth very popular.
  5. Follow up. This may not seem like it is a part of your exhibit booth design but even the best booth ends up being a waste of time, money and effort if you do not do the work to make the most of the contacts you made at the trade show. Make contact with the people you talked to at the trade show within a few days of it ending to have the best impact.

Trade shows are great for networking and raising awareness of your brand but it takes planning and work before and after to succeed with your booth.