Keep Calm and Move On: Essential Things To Remember The Next Time You Move

storage unitsMoving can be an extremely stressful experience. You’re essentially packing up your entire life and shipping it out to another space. The fear of going off schedule or leaving something important behind is always what drives many movers to the edge.

Fortunately, we come prepared to help you during your moving process. There are a number of things that movers often forget to do when they’re caught up in the Panic of the Great Move. So to help you remember the essentials and to keep calm, here are the top three things people forget to do when moving to a new house:

  1. Create a checklist
    Many movers believe they can do without a checklist. After all, you live with the items that you use. You should be able to remember them all and keep track of them in the filing cabinet that is your organized brain. That may be true, but the stress of a big move can turn even the most organized of people into disorganized chaos.

    Therefore, before you even begin packing, be sure to make yourself a moving checklist. Go through each individual room and jot down the things that are in there. Don’t sit in a chair and try to think of what it is you’ll need last minute. Seeing is remembering.

  3. Consider what’s valuable
    Moving is a great time to purge yourself of useless objects. By keeping the objects you don’t use or like anymore, you create clutter at your new house or apartment.

    Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed, which is never a good thing for the first week of being in your new house. Donate old clothes or furniture and donate that ugly ottoman you hate. You’ll be amazed by the space you save.

  5. Remember storage units exist
    Storage units exist specifically for your convenience. If you want to save space in your new apartment, but you can’t seem to get rid of that ugly ottoman because it was your grandmother’s, then self storage units can keep it safe and secure until you decide what to do with it.

    This is true of valuables as well. Not everyone has enough space to keep antiques or collectibles in a home (the average American household hasĀ up to 300,000 items inside). So by using a mini storage unit, a climate controlled storage unit, or even a simple unit in a public storage facility, you can be sure that your valuables are taken care of without moving all that clutter to your new home.

Moving can be incredibly stressful, which is why it’s best to be prepared. Don’t turn into a forgetful mess when the move out date finally arrives! By preparing ahead of time and remembering to do these three essential things, you can guarantee that your moving experience is far less chaotic than you feared it would be.