Increasing the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Are you attempting to sell your home? Do you simply want to increase the exterior look of your home? Redecorating and updating is fairly simple, when it comes to indoor rooms. You coat the walls with paint, and update the flooring and furniture and you have a brand new room. How do you update the exterior of the home? There are actually many ways to update the exterior of the home and increase the overall curb appeal of the home.

Apply a new coat of exterior paint. Changing or updating the exterior paint of the home can make a huge change. It can completely change the entire look of your home. It can be the difference between people stopping to look at your home, or driving right by it. Fresh paint makes a home look newer and fresher. You also have the option of changing the color. Modern color schemes are in high demand today, making darker and more neutral of colors highly desired.

Have your front yard professionally landscaped. Most people do not put enough effort into the landscaping of the front of their yard. They may simply keep the lawn cut and spend all of their landscaping efforts on the backyard. This can be a mistake, as the front of the home is the first thing that visitors and neighbors see. It is also the first part of the home that you see, after a long day. Professional landscaping efforts can include carefully placed trees and bushes to drown out sounds from the road, colorful flowers to increase the curb appeal of the home, and large trees to block out excess sunlight from entering the home, raising the energy costs. In fact, homes with a professional landscaped front yard tend to sell faster, and for more profit.

Fix any cracks in the asphalt driveway. Over time, cracks occur in asphalt driveways. As the asphalt driveway settles, the weight produces cracks. They are generally not dangerous, so many homeowners choose to leave them. However, they can decrease the overall look of your front yard and can reduce your curb appeal. Even the smallest of asphalt driveway cracks can reduce the overall look of the home?s yard. Potential home buyers will see it as a repair that they need to make one day, reducing the amount they are willing to pay for the home. Concrete repairs are simple, and should be one of the first steps in a front yard or exterior home update. Homeowners can also increase the look of their driveway by choosing a concrete color that matches better with the color of the exterior of their home.

Although it varies, colored concrete is available in upwards of 250 hues and shades. In most cases, the colored concrete can be poured right over the existing concrete, after it is repaired. A driveway contractor is a great resource for this type of an upgrade.

Increase the size of your driveway, if possible. Most homeowners enjoy a large driveway. It gives them more space to store vehicles and to walk on. If the space allows, a larger driveway can really increase the curb appeal of your home. The average width for a two car driveway is between 15 and 18 feet. The average width for a one car drive is 8 to 9 feet. It is important to provide sufficient space for parking needs.

Most homeowners put their redecorating efforts into the inside of the home. However, the curb appeal is just as important. The exterior of the home is the first part of the home that is seen by potential home buyers and visitors. The exterior of a home can be upgraded by repainting the exterior of the house, having professional landscaping done, repairing and repainting the asphalt driveway, and increasing the size of the driveway, if possible. These upgrading efforts will increase the look of your home, and will make your exterior the envy of all of your neighbors.