Importance of Fire Alarm Maintenance and Repair

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Just because you have fire alarms in your business doesn’t mean your automatically protected. There’s more to it than that. For example, you need to keep up on the maintenance of the fire alarm, make sure they are properly positioned in the right areas, and ensure that they are working at all times.

Fire Alarms Save Lives
As a business owner, you want to ensure that each of your employees are protected at all times. If your business is a hotel or motel, you must be aware that these types of fires lead to 15 deaths and up to 150 injuries every year. Each year, hotels and motels are left with $76 million in property loss from a fire.

Fire Alarm Testing
As a business owner, you must do more than put up fire alarms or have a company install them. Having commercial fire alarm testing completed on a routine schedule is critical for your liability, as well as the safety of your staff and customers. Without fire alarm testing, you may not be aware that your fire alarm stopped working, even before the suggested lifespan of the batteries you put in.

Fire Alarm Inspection
Aside from testing your fire alarms frequently, you need to ensure that you have regular fire alarm inspections from certified fire protection companies. Without proper inspection, you won’t know if the fire alarms in your business are up-to-code and working appropriately. Even if there is the smallest issue going on, the professional will be able to find it and correct the issue, preventing it from abruptly malfunctioning. A fire alarm issue could occur in any workplace. For example, in 2006 to 2010, United States fire department responded to approximately 6,240 structure fires in or on health care facilities each year.

Fire Alarm Repair
If you notice the slightest issue with your fire alarm, it’s crucial to contact one of the top fire protection companies in your area to correct the problem right away. Putting off any fire alarm issue, even if it may seem minor at the time, could result in a larger problem and potentially put your employees and customers at risk, as well as put you at risk for damages.